We offer the following customized products:

  • Laser systems
    • diode pumped Nd, Yb and Pr lasers, continuous wave and pulsed
    • Ti:sapphire
  • Spectroscopic systems
    • hyperspectral imager with tunable filter, 0.01 nm resolution
    • low-coherence interferometer
  • Optical sensors
    • Laser-induced phosphor thermometers

We offer the following services:

  • Optical systems research and development
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Product development and testing
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Optical design

Focus R&D area’s:

  • Laser cryocooling of solids
  • Carbon aerosols, optical detection
  • Solar energy conversion
  • Thermal barrier coatings

Lumium activities have one thing in common, being a multidisciplinary approach

  • advanced optics
  • interaction of radiation and matter
  • deployment of advanced design and data reduction methods
  • product focus on measurement precision, accuracy, repeatibility, efficiency

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